The Smithsonian's Medialon BMS controls the Xicato GalaXi™ network of XIMs and XIDs, including Xicato and 3rd party LED light sources 

What's Inside

  • Smithsonian Institution chooses Xicato GalaXi
  • Xicato GalaXi with Bluetooth Mesh at LEDucation and Light+Building
  • LumiFi, Extron and Pharos "Works with Xicato GalaXi in Xicato booth at L+B
  • Xicato GalaXi Card enables 3rd party "Powered by Xicato GalaXi" devices
  • Xicato launches Designer Series in 9mm LES
  • Xicato Artist Series now available in Xicato Linear Tape


Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery - Presidential Portrait Gallery

Smithsonian Institution chooses Xicato GalaXi

The nation's only complete collection of presidential portraits outside the White House, the Presidential Portrait Gallery lies at the heart of the National Portrait Gallery's mission to tell the American story through the individuals who have shaped it.

In June 2017, the Smithsonian Presidential Portrait Gallery began deploying Xicato GalaXi to control both Xicato XIM and 3rd party light sources in luminaires by Lighting Services Inc. (LSI). It was the first installation using the Xicato Intelligent Driver (XID), and the second installation in which the Medialon BMS functions as the master controller.

Xicato GalaXi is the leading Bluetooth-based control system for both commercial and residential applications, with tens of thousands of nodes installed on 4 continents. Xicato is an award-winning member and contributor to the new Bluetooth mesh standard working group. Xicato GalaXi has been deployed as a pre-standard mesh solution since 2016. Xicato will be demonstrating Bluetooth mesh at Light & Building in March, and the entire portfolio is migrating to standard mesh for commercial launch in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

The Xicato Intelligent Driver is a compact, DC driver that delivers smooth, flicker-free dimming to 0.1% and is controllable using 0-10V or Bluetooth. XID can drive anything from a single LED to a 56W CoB or linear array, and can be flux programmed to operate at maximum current from 350mA to 1400mA. At the Smithsonian, XID is driving a single-LED point source and a framing projector based on a non-Xicato CoB, while the remaining luminaires are based on the XIM Artist Series.

The Smithsonian Medialon controller manages the lights through the open HTTP application programming interface (API) on the IP side of the Xicato Intelligent Gateway (XIG). It took the museum staff just hours to get started with the system, and the entire network was working within 3 days.

Xicato GalaXi™ with Bluetooth® Mesh at LEDucation and Light+Building

“’Tis the season” for major shows, and we are working hard to present to you a huge collection of new products and solution partners. Xicato will be showing its GalaXi system at both LEDucation and Light+Building this month. We hope to give you an eye and brain full of the latest innovations in lighting and Bluetooth lighting control.

LEDucation is March 13-14 at the New York Hilton Midtown, 1335 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. Xicato’s booth is GB 1116. As well as we can in the tabletop format of this event we will be showing the GalaXi portfolio, including the new Xicato Linear Tape (XLT) Artist Series, the Xtouch Android touch-screen controller, and “Powered by Xicato GalaXi” products from Eulum that integrate the new Xicato GalaXi Card (XGC).

LEDucation is at the New York Hilton Midtown on March 23-14.

Xicato is in booth GB 1116.

Light+Building is March 18-23 at the Messe Frankfurt convention center in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Xicato will once again be in the Agora courtyard, stand A10. Martin and Sharon at Light Collective have once again outdone themselves by helping us create a Xicato “Museum of Lighting Innovation” featuring “Bluetooth Now”. Inside will be fun memories of past events as well as new displays showcased by a Xicato GalaXi that definitely represents the present and future of lighting control. The network is comprised of over 130 Bluetooth nodes including sensors, switches, software, and luminaires from over 20 vendors.

Light+Building is March 18-23 in Frankfurt.

Xicato is in the Agora courtyard, booth A10.

On display will be downlights and tracks, as well as new types of luminaires such as linear, troffers and even highbay lighting from 3S, Anglepoise, Concord-Legend, DLS, ELS, Factorylu x, FLOS, Gamma Illumination, Kreon, LEDRA, Lighting Services Inc., Luxam, Mike Stoane Lighting, Zodiac and Zumtobel.

And these are not the only GalaXi lights at the show. Other luminaire manufacturers with Xicato GalaXi lighting in their booths include Arlight, Atelier SEDAP, Avolux, Buschfeld, dedolight, Exterus Lightology, Fiberli, Forma Lighting, Litpa, Schmitz/Wila, and STRATAS.

On the software side, we will be showing our own Xicato Control Panel, Xtouch Android touch panel and XIMtroller iOS control, as well as controls interoperability with Extron, LumiFi and Pharos. The lights will be activating interactive and educational content in the Situate beacon app by Llama Digital. Finally, we showcase the Lighting Education Trust award-winning luminaire from Katie Price, design student at Brunel University.

If you’d like a preview, take the time beginning mid-week before the show to download the Xicato Light+Building app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play app store.

Extron, LumiFi and Pharos "Works with Xicato GalaXi"
in Xicato booth at L+B

Xicato supports open standards and interfaces, and we prove it not only by committing to the new Bluetooth mesh standard, but also by enabling 3rd party software integration through the application programming interface (API) on the IP side of the Xicato Intelligent Gateway (XIG). Xicato uses this API in our Xtouch Android touch panel interface, and in the web browser interface built into our XIG. Third party vendors that build to this API are part of the “Works with Xicato GalaXi” program.

Three companies that have taken advantage of this API are Extron Electronics (, LumiFi (, and Pharos Digital (  All three partners will be controlling both Xicato and non-Xicato light sources on the Xicato booth at Light+Building in Frankfurt. These attractive, easy to use graphical user interfaces (GUIs) work on Apple and Android phones and tablets. Come over and take a look!

Xicato GalaXi Card enables 3rd party “Powered by Xicato GalaXi” devices

Xicato is pleased to announce the “Powered by Xicato GalaXi” program, enabled by the immediate availability of the Xicato GalaXi Card (XGC). XGC is a simple wireless communication and control card loaded with Xicato firmware that can be integrated into drivers, bridges, and other devices to enable direct, peer-to-peer, Bluetooth based interaction with other nodes in the Xicato GalaXi network.

The first “Powered by Xicato GalaXi” devices were launched by Eulum ( and Entity Electric (, and each provides a unique capability to GalaXi networks.

The Eulum TRAN-XIT translates GalaXi dimming commands into 1-10V dimming signals to control standard 1-10V dimmable drivers. It includes a high wattage relay to enable contact closure for drivers that do not dim to off, or for non-dimmable lighting. TRAN-XIT allows highbay, high intensity floods, parking lot and street lights, and other high-wattage lighting to participate in the GalaXi network. In fact, TRAN-XIT can control non-LED lighting, including HID and fluorescent, and can also act as a plug load controller.

The Eulum NDRV-XIT translates GalaXi dimming commands to each of 4 constant voltage channels, for control of traditional 24V linear tape lights such as the Xicato Linear Tape (XLT), as well as CCT-tunable, RGB, RGBW, or other color-tunable tapes.

The Entity Electric EN1612 translates GalaXi dimming commands into standard DALI commands that can control a traditional DALI driver or broadcast domain.

XCA 9mm

XCA 9mm

XTM 9mm

XIM 9mm

Xicato launches Designer Series™ in 9mm LES

Xicato announces the April availability of Designer Series in 9mm LES on XCA, XTM and XIM platforms. Providing a beautiful balance between the high efficacy of Xicato Standard Series and the perfect color rendering of Xicato Artist Series®, Designer Series provides 90+ Ra (CRI) and 50+ R9, efficacy to 114 LPW in 19mm and 90 LPW in 9mm to meet stringent standard for high quality light, including California Title 24.

Designer Series 9mm enables high quality narrow beams to 14˚. It comes in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CCT, and in 700, 1300 and 2000 lumen packages.

Contact your Xicato representative or Xicato Authorized Distributor for details and ordering.

Xicato light sources and intelligent Bluetooth controls are available today from Xicato Authorized Distributors and directly from Xicato

Xicato Spot Module Portfolio with Designer 9mm

Xicato Artist Series now available in Xicato Linear Tape (XLT)

Color consistency is not only important between luminaires of the same type, but between lighting layers in your lighting design. Retail, hospitality, museum and residential installations often involve various combinations of track, spot, downlight, cove and/or display case lighting, the latter two of which are often served by linear tape solutions. One of the requests Xicato frequently hears is that there is no high quality linear tape that matches the color point, quality and color consistency of the Xicato Artist Series in these critical applications. We now have a solution.

Xicato Linear Tape (XLT) is a standard 24V DC tape solution specifically designed to match the XTM and XIM Artist Series in every possible way. It delivers the unique Xicato color point at every CCT, gorgeous color quality, initial color and lumen consistency, lumen and color maintenance along the entire tape length, and carries the same Xicato 5 Year Warranty as XTM Artist. Here are the specs:

  • CRI Ra of 98 and R9 of 95+
  • TM30 Rf of 96 and Rg of 102
  • Initial color consistency of 1x2 SDCM
  • Lumen maintenance warranted L70/B0 for 5 years – no failures!
  • Color maintenance warranted to stay within 3 SDCM for 5 years – no failures!
  • 720 lumens per meter at 7.2W = 100 lumens per watt (typical)
  • Cuttable in 100mm increments up to 5m

XLT employs a 10mm wide, solid copper substrate with reliable 3M self-adhesive that requires no additional heat sinking. It is compatible with the existing large and diverse ecosystem of 24DC power supplies, connectors, extrusions and lenses, and can be “Powered by Xicato GalaXi” using the Eulum NDRV-XIT.

Download the XLT datasheet.

Contact your Xicato representative or Xicato Authorized Distributor for details and ordering.

Xicato light sources and intelligent Bluetooth controls are available today from Xicato Authorized Distributors and directly from Xicato

Xicato Linear Tape - Artist Series matches our XTM and XIM color and warranty in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K