The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Gallery in the triforium of Westminster Abbey opened in June with Xicato XIM Artist Series lighting and Xicato GalaXi Bluetooth control.

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  • Westminster Abbey picks Xicato for new Queen's Diamond Jubilee Gallery
  • Introducing Xicato Artist Series in 2200K
  • Xicato Linear Tape (XLT) Artist Series now shipping 
  • Understanding Initial Color Consistency
  • New Xicato GalaXi Partners


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Queen's Diamond Jubilee Gallery at Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey picks Xicato for new QDJG

21st Century Lighting and Controls in an 11th Century space

In celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year reign, Westminster Abbey has opened a new gallery in a space that has not seen visitors for over 700 years. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Gallery contains more than 300 works highlighting the over 1000-year history of the Abbey and the United Kingdom.

Lighting the QDJG was a non-trivial task. Xicato Artist Series was the obvious choice for LED light source, but the Abbey was equally demanding of their lighting control system. Drilling holes in the historic structure for wiring was unacceptable, but the thick stone walls and heavy wooden beams made for a challenging wireless environment. Natural light streamed in through stained glass and clear panes, but ancient artwork had to be preserved. Lighting had to respond to both ambient light and occupancy, but also had to be controlled from a single point. The story and plenty of photos are in the full case study.

Download the Westminster Abby QDJG Case Study

Introducing Xicato Artist Series® 2200K

For lighting designers and end users who want to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere without sacrificing rich color rendering, Xicato introduces the Artist Series 2200K. Great for restaurants, heritage sites, homes, and other intimate, relaxed settings, Artist 2200K delivers a gorgeous, warm light that perfectly matches dimmed incandescent. 

This is a true Artist Series product, providing 1x2 SDCM initial color accuracy, extremely high color rendering and balance, and a full Xicato 5-year, B0 warranty on color and lumen maintenance. It is available in XCA, XTM and XIM platforms, including the Xicato GalaXi enabled XIM Gen4.

Xicato Artist Series 2200K

Artist Series 2200K is available today in XCA, XTM and XIM platforms, 19mm LES and 2000lm.

XLT Artist Series matches the lit effect of Xicato Artist Series modules in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CCT.

Xicato Linear Tape (XLT) Artist Series now shipping

Color consistency is not only important between luminaires of the same type, but between lighting layers in your lighting design.  One of the requests Xicato frequently hears is that there is no high quality linear tape that matches the color point, quality and color consistency of the Xicato Artist Series in these critical applications. XLT is the solution.

First shown at Light+Building in Frankfurt, Xicato Linear Tape (XLT) is a standard 24V DC tape solution specifically designed to match the XTM and XIM Artist Series in every possible way. It delivers the unique Xicato color point at every CCT, gorgeous color quality, initial color and lumen consistency, lumen and color maintenance along the entire tape length, and carries the same Xicato 5 Year Warranty as XTM Artist. XLT is available today from Xicato Authorized Distributors and directly from Xicato. Check out the XLT datasheet by clicking the big red button. 

Download the XLT Datasheet


Still the “Make or Break” spec: Initial Color Consistency

One of the things that has defined and differentiated Xicato from the beginning, and which has made us the light source of choice for lighting designers worldwide, is consistent white point. Xicato has two fundamental advantages when it comes to ensuring the initial color consistency of our light sources -- advantages that result in meaningful, visible benefits to your lighting design. Check out the new whitepaper, "Understanding Initial Color Consistency" by clicking on the big red button below.

Download "Understanding Initial Color Consistency"

Xicato's guaranteed initial color consistency is many times better than industry norms.

New GalaXi Integration Partners

System Integrators are recognizing the advantages of Xicato GalaXi when it comes to power and reliability, and offer engineering, installation and commissioning services. Each is trained by Xicato and ready to serve you. You can reach them by clicking on their logos.

If you have a favorite SI that is not listed, let us know and we will train them on your job.

ALS serves the UK

Challenger Lighting serves the UK

Control Dept serves Scandanavia

bluebottle serves Australia

Skinny IT serves North America